What Is STAR Parenting?

  • STAR Parenting is a powerful, focused approach to child guidance based on a star.
  • STAR Parenting gives you a problem-solving process, 5 general strategies, 3 practical tools for each strategy.

The STAR Process Simplified

The process is based on the word S-T-A-R and helps you create a plan to resolve your problem. You'll learn to:

S - Stop and focus
T - Think of ideas
A - Act effectively
R - Review and revise

Further, the process encourages you to consider:

  • The child's developmental stage and experience
  • The child's temperament
  • Your long-term goals for the child
  • Your values


The STAR Points & Tools Simplified

Each point of the star represents one strategy for dealing with behavior. The points spell “A STAR.”

     A - Avoid problems
     S - Set reasonable limits
     T - Teach new skills
     A - Acknowledge feelings
     R - Respond to cooperation

There are three STAR Tools for each strategy or point – 15 parent-tested tools in all.

These provide you with many ideas so you can find something that will work both for you and your children.

Common Issues

In the next pages, you will get the
opportunity to explore the STAR process,
points, and tools.

Then you can see how the STAR parenting
can apply to common issues for toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children.