STAR Parenting in the PARK

(Seattle, WA)

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Come learn simple parenting strategies and apply them to your own situation. STAR Parenting focuses on five areas of healthy parenting (see below), and each area has three tools.

Each week we will cover a different STAR Parenting tool.

Monday mornings 9:30 to 10:30
Dahl Playfield — 7700 25th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 98115
(Just a bit north of the NE 75th St. and 25th Ave NE intersection)

Date / toolsDescription
June 20
STAR Process
STAR Parenting is an attitude, a process and 15 tools. Come explore the four-step process you can use to make your job with children easier.
June 27
Change things,
Reduce stress &
2 Yeses
Learn the three elements of change that help you avoid struggles with your kids. Learn how to reduce stress and UN-complicate your life. Discover the power of giving positive choices to avoid tantrums and conflicts. Two yeses works with toddlers, teens, even college students.
July 4 No meeting
July 11
Attention & Praise
Learn the benefits of appropriate attention and practice using 5 types of encouragement (Praise) effectively. Find out why “Good job” and “You’re smart” can be counterproductive.
July 18
Discover how to avoid the pitfalls and maximize the benefits of using incentives. Find out the real difference between rewards and bribes.
July 25
Active listening
Get tips to help your child get comfortable with their feelings and separate feelings from actions with Active listening.
August 1
Simple listening &
Grant in fantasy
Learn how to listen so your child feels heard with Simple listening.
Use gentle humor (Grant in fantasy) to enhance your “feelings” toolbox.
August 8
Clear rules
Practice using 3 key elements to make effective family rules to get what you want. Also, learn to incorporate kids in rule making.
August 15
Distinguish between punishment and consequences. Use consequences to create positive solutions to your own kid issues.
August 22
A better way &
Find out how to use the tool A better way to avoid power struggles and teach kids problem solving. Become aware of how to use parents’ actions (Modeling) to teach children desired behavior.
August 29
Shaping &
Re-do it right
Use shaping to divide a task into teachable pieces. Redo it right is a quick tool that guides a child to repeat a behavior correctly whether it is petting the cat gently or hanging up his coat.
  • Avoiding problems — June 23 & 30
  • Responding to cooperation — July 7 & 14
  • Acknowledging feelings — July 21 & 28
  • Setting reasonable limits — August 4, 11 & 18
  • Teaching new skills — August 18 & 25