About STAR

What is STAR Parenting?

STAR Parenting Is a Method and . . . a Set of Points and Tools

STAR Parenting is a powerful, focused approach to child guidance. STAR Parenting gives you a problem-solving process, 5 general strategies, and 15 practical tools.

STAR Parenting can be used by parents, teachers, caregivers, counselors – anyone who works with children.

STAR Starter Pages

We created some interactive pages to help you get ideas about your child and common behaviors you are trying to understand and direct.

STAR Starter Pages
The easest way to learn
new parenting skills.

STAR Starter Pages show examples of the STAR Parenting methods:

• The STAR Process, and
• The STAR Points and Tools

Then look at how the STAR Points and Tools are applied to some common behaviors in the Classic Issues part of STAR Starter Pages .

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STAR Classes

Classes are offered to help you learn parenting skills in a group environment

STAR Community

The STAR Community seeks to offer you more ideas and help you network with other parents to help your children.

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