Speaking and Training

About the STAR Parenting Founder

Who is Elizabeth Crary?

A Parent Educator

This is what I love to do most. I help people discover answers to their parenting challenges that work for them. I also share information and ideas that can help parents avoid potential problems and enjoy their children more. [read more]

A Speaker

This is another way to share information. I talk with all kinds of groups that work with children – parents, parent educators, teachers, childcare providers, counselors, etc. The presentations may be keynotes, workshops, daylong seminars, or 2-5 day trainings. Among the most popular topics are Love and Limits (STAR Parenting) and Helping Kids Deal with Disappointment. [read more]

An Author

This is the outgrowth of the discoveries I make helping people solve their problems. When I come up with ideas that make life easier, that information goes into a book. Writing is challenging for me, but it would be a shame to let the ideas fade away. [read more]

Elizabeth Crary
Parent Educator, Speaker and Author