Speaking and Training

Elizabeth Crary as Educator

How do I work?

I offer parents and professionals information, tools, and support. This is usually done in the context of a class or workshop.

In the STAR Basics class, for example, each session offers new information, learning activities, sharing, and brainstorming. Also, homework participants are asked (but not required) to practice using a tool and to collect some data. We all learn from the shared results – both the successes and failures.

I am also available for coaching parents who have taken STAR Parenting classes. In coaching, I help parents apply the STAR process and tools to their particular situation and offer insight into what might be going on with their child or children.

What insight might I have into your situation?

While every family is different, most problems parents face have been experienced by other parents – either myself, or parents I have worked with. Since I have worked with parents and children for more than 25 years, I have seen or heard a lot of concerns.

What do parents say about me?

Here are two comments from a recent class:

“I learned a lot from you, I see the world better from my child's perspective, and I have learned skills to empower us both. Teaching my child strategies to calm himself has been particularly helpful. You are a great listener and come with a world of experience. Our family will benefit from my experiences.”

“I learned so much from you, Betsy! Thank you so much for the practical advice, understanding, non-judgmental atmosphere, and support. I always come home with information and practical knowledge for my husband and my mom – and often, for my friends.”

Elizabeth Crary in a class
seated by easel

What is my background?

My background is eclectic – both practical and academic. I have worked extensively with kids ages 1-12 in a variety of capacities. I have taught for North Seattle Community College and independently for more than 20 years. I have a masters degree in home economics and additional training in four areas of parenting and child guidance. And, my husband and I are the parents of two grown children.

What will you experience as a result of working with me?

Listen to your concerns. Help you identify your values and what you want to happen. Offer a process and help you adapt it for your needs. I will share information that helps you understand what is happening and how things could run more smoothly.

Elizabeth Crary
Parent Educator, Speaker and Author