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In-service Trainings

Elizabeth discussing

Elizabeth has over 25 years of experience working with parents.

She has worked with parents in different settings, from nine-month-long programs, to one hour sessions; from leading a group of 800 to coaching individuals by e-mail or phone.

Sometimes she uses emergent curriculum, other times, a structured program.

Because of her diverse, practical background, Elizabeth can relate to the needs of your program.

Popular in-service topics

Most topics can be presented as half-day, whole day, multi day, and/or evening presentations. Contact Elizabeth for details.

Elizabeth leading an inservice for parent educators

STAR Parenting: Helping parents find answers


The STAR process, points, and tools help parents deal with trying behavior in a positive way that reflects their own values and their child's age and temperament.

This presentation:

Dealing with Feelings: Five myths, five strategies


Parents want their children to be able to handle feelings well – however, five commonly held myths often make that difficult. We will look at the myths, skills kids need, and strategies parents can use to help children learn concrete skills.

Participants will:

Mom's Anger Workshop: Using anger with grace


Many women believe that if they are good mothers, they will never get angry at their children. When they do get angry they feel mad at their child for causing such a problem, furious with themselves, scared that they could be so mad, and worried that they may have permanently harmed their child.

This presentation is designed to help moms:

When Limits Don't Work: Issues and solutions


Temper tantrums, hitting, and whining are familiar and frustrating behaviors to those who work with young children. Caregivers and educators are more effective when they understand why limits fail and use a variety of approaches to respond to the situation.

In this workshop we will:

Cooperative Preschool Model
With this model, parents enroll their child in a cooperate preschool and themselves in a parent education class with the community college. Parents with a toddler come with their child. Each week parents alternate between having parent education and being “assistant teachers.” Those with parent education meet and discuss a parenting topic. As assistant teachers, they work with children applying tools they have learned in parent education.

Elizabeth Crary
Parent Educator, Speaker and Author