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Elizabeth Crary has a gift for presenting solid, practical information in an entertaining and enjoyable way. She is a frequently requested keynote speaker for parenting and professional conferences in the United States, Canada, and Japan.

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Most topics can be presented as half-day, whole day, multi day, and/or evening presentations. Contact Elizabeth for details.

Talking with participants in STAR Parenting workshop

Help Kids Cope When Things Don't Go Their Way


Although acknowledging kids' feelings is helpful, it is not enough. Kids need concrete skills to deal with their feelings.

This presentation offers the tools and techniques you need to help children cope, whether you are dealing with toddler tantrums or middle-school meltdowns. Participants will:

Discover two critical elements kids need to avoid emotional meltdowns.

To find more about this topic you can refer to Dealing with Disappointment on the Parenting Press website.

Love & Limits (STAR Parenting)


All parents want nice children, but their ideas of “nice” can be vastly different. Love & Limits uses a star to help parents deal with trying behavior in a positive way that reflects their own values and their child's temperament. This workshop provides an overview of STAR Parenting. Participants will:

If you would like more information about STAR Parenting, look at the Overview section of this site or read Love and Limits: Guidance Tools for Creative Parenting available from Parenting Press.

Help! The Kids Are at It Again!


Many people believe conflicts between children result from jealousy or sibling rivalry. Although that may be true in some situations, conflicts are as likely to be due to developmental issues. Four skills kids need to get along with siblings and friends are the ability to – 1. connect with others, 2. set and respect boundaries, 3. deal with their feeling, and 4. use power respectfully. This workshop gives information you need to help kids get along with other people. We will:

You can read more about this in my book Help! The Kids Are at It Again: Using Kids' Quarrels to Teach “People” Skills by Parenting Press.

Pick Up Your Socks!


Some children are naturally responsible, others need encouragement. Parents (and professionals) are more successful when they adapt their approach for each child. In this workshop you will:

More information about teaching responsibility is in my book Pick Up Your Socks . . . and Other Skills Growing Children Need available from Parenting Press.

Kids Can Cooperate


Young children are often told to “share” or “play nice,” but few are taught how to share. Fortunately, problem-solving skills are teachable. Research has found that a child's problem-solving ability is proportional to the number of different alternatives he or she can think of, and the ability to predict consequences of those alternatives. Participants will:

The talk is based on my book Kids Can Cooperate: A Practical Guide to Teaching Problem Solving available from Parenting Press.

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How to book Elizabeth


If you are interested in booking Elizabeth for your professional, school, church, or community organization, please contact Anna at 206-367-6425 or see the contact page for email. Call early for the best selection of dates.

Elizabeth Crary
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